These “Terms and Conditions” do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Privacy Policy

Snap Secured Solutions have registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under registration reference: ZA158788 and observes and follows the Data Protection Act of 1998, we will never disclose or sell your details to any third party, we will only ever use your details to
enable us to carry out our business

For obvious security reasons, we will never store your key numbers either physically or electronically, once we have presented you with your set of
key numbers it will then become your responsibility for their safekeeping, bear in mind that it will become impossible to obtain any further copies of keys without them.

Our website uses Google Analytics cookies to monitor site usage and to help us to make improvements to the site, no personally identifiable information is collected by Google Analytics,
third party websites that we link to such as Facebook and YouTube may also use cookies, we are not responsible for any of these websites, and we would suggest that you check out the
relevant sites privacy policy regarding the use of their cookies, for more information about cookies and how to control and delete them we recommend that you visit  www.aboutcookies.org.uk

The Right To Cancel

Snap Secured Solutions observes and follows the cancellation of contracts made in a consumer’s home or place of work etc., regulations 2008, which means that you have the right to cancel any
verbal or written contract or any agreement made with us within the set cooling off period, which is seven calendar days from the date of our home visit, to cancel an order simply telephone,
email or write to the address below.


All work shall be paid for in full upon completion of any work carried out. All parts supplied shall remain the property of Snap Secured Solutions until such time that full payment is received.

Warranty & Liability

Only the fitting of the lock cylinder, the lock cylinder itself and any door components supplied and fitted by Snap Secured Solutions will be covered by any warranty provided by Snap Secured Solutions. The original lock gear, multipoint locking system, letterbox, handles, door & frame, hinges, and glazing won’t be covered by any warranty provided by Snap Secured Solutions.

Attempted break-ins, lockouts, accidental damage, snapped keys, lost or missing keys, lost or missing key cards, keys which show signs of abuse or unreasonable stress will not be
covered by any warranty provided by Snap Secured Solutions.

All warranty claims should be made to Snap Secured Solutions, should a warranty claim be valid then Snap Secured Solutions will cover the cost of any replacement parts and the labour up to the value of the original invoice. For any replacement parts replaced as part of a warranty claim within the warranty period, only the original warranty expiry date will apply.

If any parts supplied and fitted by Snap Secured Solutions are removed or replaced by a third party then any warranty provided by Snap Secured Solutions will immediately become null and void and any
faulty part or parts will need to be sent back to the manufacturer at your own expense, any additional parts provided and any other labour costs incurred from the third party will not be covered by any
Snap Secured Solutions warranty.

Parts & Labour

All parts and labour provided by Snap Secured Solutions carry a 12-month limited warranty.


I pride myself on giving excellent service, however; should you have a complaint about my service or any goods supplied by Snap Secured Solutions then please contact me immediately.
I will contact you as soon as possible, and I aim to provide a resolution within seven working days. I will always deal with any complaint in a fair and confidential manner.

Liability For Delays

Snap Secured Solutions will do all that it reasonably can to meet the date given for the installation. In the case of unforeseen circumstances,
beyond the reasonable control of Snap Secured Solutions then Snap Secured Solutions will contact the customer and agree to an alternative date for the installation.


Snap Secured Solutions is the trading name of Peter Smith who is a sole trader