Lock Snapping Derby

What is Lock Snapping?

In 2009 West Yorkshire Police all of a sudden experienced a sharp rise in the number of break-ins

in the Leeds and Bradford area where the burglar had not only managed to break the

Euro profile cylinder lock on a uPVC door but also had then managed to open the multipoint locking system,

as a result, the burglar was then able to gain entry into the property.

Ultimately this method of break-in became known has Lock Snapping.


The standard Euro profile cylinder lock, which is the type of lock installed in about 90%

of all the uPVC, composite, aluminium and timber doors in the UK

can be broken in just “9.2 Seconds” and the multipoint locking system

opened by a burglar using no special skills and with nothing

more than only two easily obtainable DIY tools!


Finally, the fact that it is possible to snap the lock so quickly and quietly is

ultimately due to a severe design flaw with the Euro profile cylinder lock and the fact that it is

also constructed from brass which after all is a very soft metal.

lock snapping derby

Lock Snapping Derby – Video Demonstrations

The BBC television programs Inside Out and Crime Scene Rescue have both highlighted the problem; both videos are available for viewing again below:

Lock Snapping Derby – References

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